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October 2015 Highlighted need:
1. We are moving our MLM Shekinah Refugee Children's Home

We need to move our MLM Shekinah Refugee Children's Home. 
The land has been purchased, and the first phase has been provided for, so the first phase construction is estimated to begin in January 2016. 
So we are praying for the provision of phases 2 and 3 seen below.

Please pray with us for the provision for the buildings.  Below is our vision for what we need to build:


Phase One: January 2016

Multi Purpose Room (dining room, worship/prayer building), estimated cost:  8,000 USD (10,000,000 Burmese Kyat)

2 family houses with 3 bed rooms each for our two care takers: 6,500 USD (8,000,000 Burmese Kyat) each.

Total phase one: 21,000 USD


Phase Two: April 2016

2 dorms with attached bath rooms; one dorm for our girls and one dorm for our boys.

Estimated cost: 9,500 USD per dorm.

Total phase two: 19,000 USD (24,000,000 Burmese Kyat)


Phase Three: June/July2016

We need to build three more houses for the three other couples who will care for the children.

Before Phase Three is complete they can stay temporarily with nearby Karen families.

Estimated costs: 6,500 USD per house

Total phase three: 19,500 USD

July 2015 Highlighted Needs
1. Dishes for Leper Food Aid Ministry This need has been met!
2. Building for Mae Ka Chan Children's Home

If you would like to support either of these projects, please write to us at [email protected] to let us know. 
Then go to our donate page to see how to give: 

1. Dishes for Leper Food Aid Ministry

This need has been met!

CFE sponsors are supporting food aid for the poor older lepers in Myanmar.  Because of their disease, they can’t work, so they are extremely poor.  Many times they don’t eat enough so they are very, very tired and weak.  So now they are getting two extra meals per day and they feel much better.  Also, at Christmas time the pastors do outreaches in the area.  They feed people and tell them the Christmas story.  This past Christmas a whole church was started.  The pastors started evangelizing in this village in 2012.  It is also a leper village, though now it is mostly the descendents of old lepers.  There are only two lepers left in the village.  But no other families want to live near the lepers.  Four families with 17 members are now attending the new church. PTL.

So for these events the Leper church pastors are asking for help to purchase new plates and pots for the meal programs.  Right now they need to rent these types of pots and plates from the Buddhist Temple nearby.  They would really like to have their own dishes in order to save them money. The ministers to the lepers are not wealthy men.

So they need:

1.  2 or 3 big pots in which to cook the rice, curry, and soups

2. 10 large bowls needed to distribute the food

3. 150 plates to feed all who receive aid

Budget:  1) Two or three big pots above left) at US$95 each2) Ten serving bowls (above center) at US$15 each3)  One-hundred-fifty plates (above right) at US$5 each.  4)  Fifteen dozen spoons (not shown) at US$11 per dozen.

Total Budget = US$ 1,355 (including all three pots mentioned in number 1) above.

2. Building for Mae Ka Chan Children's Home

The Mae Ka Chan Children’s Home in Thailand is working on a new building and praying for some extra support to finish it.  The home has more than 50 children.  There are about half kindergarten children and the rest are high school students. Because the elementary and middle schools in the area persecuted the Christian children from the home, these 91 children have been moved to another facility in another town.  This facility is also run by the same Foundation as the Mae Ka Chan Children’s Home.

This will be a two story building.  The upstairs is housing for up to 20 people.  This will house teachers and volunteers. The downstairs will be a business and a business office.  The mission is a local leader in organic farming, and they need a show room and shop.  The children can learn business skills in this shop and they may develop more businesses later.  You can see in the picture that the children enjoy working and learning new skills.  In this picture they worked on the foundation of the building.  There will also be a class room for English classes.  With the new ASEAN agreement starting next year (2016), the ASEAN trade language will be English.
In this picture you can see the foundation and the rebar going up.  This stage of the building has been completed, and then second step is to build the walls and roof and to install doors and windows.   The total cost for the next stage of building is US$16,500.

If you would like to donate towards this building, you can go to our donate page to see how, and please leave a note saying you are giving for the "Mae Ka Chan Building."