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Many non-believers argue that there is no proof that God exists.  But we at Christian Far East Ministry believe there are amazing proofs that God exists.  Read below to find proof of the all powerful, creator God; the God of the Bible.

1)   Some people argue that the Bible is not accurate.  But the Bible has been documented 1,000 times more than any other piece of ancient literature.  Most pieces of ancient literature survive and are considered accurate with only three manuscripts.  All but two pieces of ancient manuscripts survive with 12 manuscripts or less.  In second place is Homer's Iliad which survives with 654 manuscripts.  But the Bible has 20,000 manuscripts and manuscript portions, 95% of which are consistent in content.   And beside this the early church father's (from the first three centuries) quoted from the New Testament so often in their writings, that their writings have preserved all but11 verses of the entire New Testament Bible.  So all this documentation proves that the Bible we have today is accurate to the Bible as it was written.

2)  Others argue that the Bible is not about real people and real places, but it is a book of myths.  They say at best the Bible is only a book of made up stories to teach people morality.  But archeological studies have proven that Abraham, King David, other ancient civilizations spoken of in the Bible, and many, many other historical facts given in the Bible are all true.  And also very importantly, there is not even one single piece of archeological evidence that contradicts what is written in the Bible.  So by archeological proof, the Bible is truly about real people and real places.

3)   Other people will argue, "So what if the Bible is accurate and that its stories are about real history?  This doesn't mean that it's God's Word and that God truly exists."  And that's true. But it does get us to the point that the Bible is accurate.  And now by reading the Bible itself, we can find proof that it is impossible that mere human beings wrote this book.  The Bible was written by holy men as they were driven to write by the Holy Spirit of God.  And if we will examine the prophesies in the Bible that have already been fulfilled, we can see without a doubt that only God who knows the future as well as the past could have predicted future events as amazingly accurately as the Bible does.  I will make a booklet available on line below that goes in much or detail to points 1-3 above.  And you will see by merely the prophesies of the coming Messiah that it is impossible that mere human beings wrote these words.  The Bible itself proves that it is the Word of God.


4)  Another proof that God is real is that people are still healed when prayed for in Jesus name.  Another proof that God is real is that when people come to faith in Jesus Christ that they have amazing changes in their lives and people find peace in their hearts for the first time in their lives.  When I came to Christ, I personally experience a change of heart where many of my fears simply vanished.  I know a man who was drunk when he accepted Christ and he instantly sobered up.  Another man whom I knew who had a drinking problem instantly hated his drunkenness after he came to Christ and he soon thereafter went to a rehabilitation facility.  I know a man whose life before Christ was all about sex and violence.  Christ has completely changed his life and he is now chaste and he is no longer violent and he is repulsed by his past sins.  Go to the Testimony section of our web site and read more about changed lives and testimony of miracle healings that we have experienced in this ministry.


5)  Many people believe that the Theory of Evolution proves that there is no god.  But let's remember that the word "Theory" means only a made up idea that is not supported by facts.  The scientific facts do not support evolution, but more closely match the Bible's view of creationism. For example, there is not even one piece of evidence in the fossil records that  shows a species evolving into another species.  Evolution says that species evolved over millions and millions of years.  But the fossil records actually show that life sprung up rather quickly, much like the Bible states.  And evolution has actually been disproved by modern science and the words of the creator of the Theory of Evolution himself, Charles Darwin.  Darwin, in his book "Origin of Species" where the Theory of evolution was introduce, stated that if living bodies could ever be proven to work like machines, then the theory of evolution would be completely disproved.  By machines, think of an old watch.  If one gear is missing, the watch doesn't' work.  Think of your car. If the distributor cap is missing, the car doesn't run.  In same way, if a human's DNA is missing only one part, the DNA doesn't work.  And what that means is that human life could not have evolved over millions of year by developing one part or our DNA at a time over great periods of time. Because it would not have worked.  Life was impossible. The only way the human species can live is if every part of our DNA is in existence.  So by the words of Charles Darwin himself, Evolution is an impossibility.  I learned some of these amazing truths from the video below.

Buy the video "A Case for the Creator"   by Illustra Media

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And learn how an atheist scientist, by studying evolution, became a believer in the God of the Bible.

CFE is not affiliated with Illustra Media in any way.  We just thought this was a great video with great evidence that you might enjoy watching.