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And be watchful in all that I have said to you.  

And make no mention of the name of other gods,

neither let it be heard out of your mouth.

Exodus 23:13 MKJV

       There is a movement in some areas of Western Society to remove all mention of God from public discussion.  Some groups even go so far as to say that there should be no Christ in Christmas.  The Body of Christ must of course stand up to this affront to truth and religious freedom.  And The Christian Calendar is one fun way to stand up for our God before society.  This is fun for two reasons: 1) Since others want all religious observance removed, The Christian Calendar includes as much observance of Christ and the Bible as possible.  Biblical, Western traditional, and Eastern traditional Christian holidays are all included in The Christian Calendar.  2) Secondly, as the scripture verse above states, the Lord told the Israelites not to even utter the names of other gods.  And yet every time we mention a day of the week or any one of half of the names of the months in the modern calendar, we are speaking the names of other gods.  The Christian Calendar has substituted the modern names for the days of the week and for the months with Biblical words that declare the characteristics of our God.  So you might ask, "How does this work?"

As an example, if someone asks you what day it is, don't immediately answer, "Friday," but instead try this.  Answer, "It's Jirehday."  Of course the person you are talking to will look at you like you are crazy and they will probably say, "What are you talking about?"  Then you can share with them.  You can say, "I am using The Christian Calendar, and the name for Friday in the Christian Calendar is 'Jirehday.'  And Jireh comes from the Biblical phrase 'Jehovah Jireh' which means the Lord is my provider."  And there you have it; you have lifted up the name of the God of the Bible before a non believer, and you have been able to mention God in public discussion.  If this were to ever catch on, perhaps we could do away altogether with naming the names of foreign gods each month and every day.

This is a free resource to anyone who would like to print up The Christian Calendar for advertising their own Ministry, Church, Business, or anything at all. Even just for fun.  If you would like to sell your Christian Calendars, please feel free to do so.  We are most interested in Christ being lifted up.  All we ask (for everyone who will print the Christian Calendar) is that someplace prominent on your calendars (perhaps the back cover) that you print the following:

The Christian Calendar

Used by permission: Copyright 2009 Christian Far East Ministry

 That's it.  The main pages of content are below and you use all of the information for your own calendars.

May the Name of the Lord be praised forever more!

I will praise You, O Lord my God, with all my heart,

and I will glorify Your name forevermore. 
Psalm 86:12 MKJV   

At the bottom of this page there are some dates listed for these holidays that you can use for your future calendars.

Also, two notes here that are not in the pages above:

For Valentine's Day, instead of glorifying romance, we can remember the Martyrs and their moral love for God and others as St. Valentine was a Martyr for Christ. (Mathew 22:37-40) (Revelation 12:11)

For St. Patrick's day, instead of thinking of green, pinching, gold, and good luck, we can remember missionaries and evangelists, since St Patrick was a missionary to the people of Ireland. (Luke 9:1-5)

Dates of the Holidays

Advent:  Advent begins on the fourth Sunday before Christmas and ends on the day before Christmas.

Annunciation of our Lord Jesus:   SHAOLOM (March) 25

Ascension of our Lord Jesus:  40 days after Resurrection Sonday (Easter Sunday).  Lands on a Thursday, but is often celebrated in church the following Sunday.


Ash Shammahday (Ash Wednesday) Clean Mekeddeshday (Clean Monday), and Resurrection Sonday -  see table below:

Year:              Clean Mekeddeshday   Ash Shammah Day    Resurrection Sonday

2013                       Shalom (March) 18          Shaddai (Feb) 1                 Shalom (March) 31

2014                       Shalom (March) 3            Shalom (March) 5            Abba (April) 20

2015                       Shaddai (Feb) 23              Shaddai (Feb) 18              Abba (April) 5

2016                       Shalom (March) 14          Shaddai (Feb) 10              Shalom (March) 27

2017                       Shaddai (Feb) 27              Shalom (March) 1            Abba (April) 16

2018                       Shaddai (Feb) 19              Shaddai (Feb) 14              Abba (April) 1

2019                       Shalom (March) 11          Shalom (March) 6            Abba (April) 21

2020                       Shalom (March) 2            Shaddai (Feb) 26              Abba (April) 12


Birth of our Lord Jesus Observed:  Dotesber (December) 25

Crucifixion of our Lord Jesus remembered: The Shammahday (Wednesday) before Resurrection Sonday.

Father’s Day and Mother’s day changes by country.  Look up what it is in your country.


Hanukkah:  Is an eight day holiday. The first day is listed.

2013:   Elohimber (November) 27      2014:   Dotesber (December) 16      2015:   Dotesber (December) 6

2016:   Dotesber (December) 25        2017:  Dotesber (December) 13       2018:  Dotesber (December)  3

2019    Dotesber (December) 23       2020    Dotesber (December) 11


Passover:  Passover is an 8 day holiday.  The first day of passover is given here.  It starts at 6PM.

2014:   ABBA (April) 14;    2015:   ABBA (April) 3;   2016:  ABBA (April) 23;   2017:  ABBA (April) 11

2018:  SHALOM (March) 31;   2019:  ABBA (April) 20:   2020:  ABBA (April) 9


Harvest of Souls:  Olamber (October) 31.   Remember new converts from this year and those who still need Christ.

Lent:  Lent begins each year on Ash Wednesday (Ash Shammahday) and ends the day before Resurrection Sonday.

Nativity Fast: Elohimber (November)15

Palm Sonday:  The Sonday before Resurrection Sonday

Pentecost:  50 days after Passover.  47 days after Resurrection Sonday.

St. Patrick’s Day:  Shalom (March) 17   (Remember the Missionaries and Evangelists)

St. Valentine’s Day: Shaddai (Feb) 14   (Remember the Martyrs)

Thanksgiving Day:           USA: 4th Raphaday (Thursday) of Elohimber (November)

CANADA: 2nd Mekeddeshday (Monday) of Olamber (October)

If you would like to add other Jewish Holidays,  a good web page to check out is